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Why is my tub only filled 1/2 way?

Is the tub half empty or half full? We like to think the latter, but always want you to feel confident in the value you're getting with our products, so this is a great question. We went to our product developers to better understand the amount of product in every container and they assured us that when filling tubs of collagen or bone broth powder, they are packaging by weight, not volume. In fact, all tubs are actually filled to the top when they are first manufactured, but will naturally settle and tamp down after packaging, while in transit, and even sitting on shelf (both in store, and in your kitchen!)

We have looked at using smaller or different tub sizes, but again, because the initial fill is based on volume, this is not always a possibility. Rest assured you are getting the correct amount of servings mentioned on the nutrition label in each tub. Thank you for reaching out – we are always looking at feedback like this and trying to find ways to improve.

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