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How can I add a one time item to an existing subscription?

Want to give something a try without the commitment? Luckily, you can add a one-time product to your subscription order.

Here are the quick steps:
1. Log into your account
2. In the lefthand panel, click on "Subscription"
3. On the top right-hand side click on "Add One-Time Product"
4. Search for and select the product you would like to add
5. On the next page, you may edit the quantity and select the subscription shipment you would like it to be included with
6. Upon success, you will see a green banner that you have added the item. You will then be redirected back to your Subscription Dashboard where you will see all your subscription items! Please note that the one-time order product does not qualify for the subscription discount.
7. No need to go through a checkout process, your card will automatically be charged on the next order date!

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