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How do I swap/switch products?

Want to keep your subscription but swap for a new flavor or try a new product altogether? No problem. We made this simple to do.

Here are the quick steps:
1. Log into your account
2. In the lefthand panel, click on "Subscription"
3. Under the Subscription section, find the subscription you would like to edit.
4. Click "Edit" if you would like to change the timing or quantity
5. Click "Swap" if you would like a completely new product or flavor
- When you click swap, type what product you would like to subscribe to, and select the product
- On the next screen, choose the frequency and quantity then click "Swap Product"
- You will be re-directed back to your Subscription Dashboard where you should see your new subscription product(s)

Note: Changing your subscription will not automatically change your next order date.

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