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How do access my account?

Access your account hereHaving trouble?There are three reasons why you may not be able to access your account:- Your password is incorrect- Reset your password- Your account was never activated via email- Search your email for: "Customer account acti

My subscription item is out of stock. What do I do?

We’re truly sorry for this delay. We aim to maintain the highest quality standards possible for our real- food ingredient products. Regrettably, this means we will be out of stock of this item occasionally.You may add your email to the waitlist for t

My subscription order has already shipped. Can I still cancel?

In order to best serve you, we began processing your order as soon as it was placed. We are sorry for any inconvenience that we cannot cancel your order at this time.

How do I add rewards to my subscription?

Subscribe & Save customers can redeem their Ancient Nutrition rewards points to add rewards products directly to your subscription orders, eliminating the need to make a separate purchase.

How does my subscription work?

There are many perks of our Subscribe and Save program. Not only can you save 15% off your order, you have the flexibility to choose when your shipments come and the frequency of them. You have the ability to manage your subscription at your convenie

How do I edit my subscription?

Log in to your store account hereUnder the left-hand "Subscriptions" Tab, you can edit:- Next order date- Swap out products- Change shipping intervals and dates- Skip a shipment- Add one-time products to future orders- Cancel subscription

How can I cancel my subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription:1. Log into your account2. In the lefthand panel, click on "Subscription"3. Under the Subscription section, find the subscription you would like to cancel4. Click the "Edit" button5. Scroll down and clic

How can I add another subscription item to my account?

Here are the quick steps:1. Log into your account: In the lefthand panel, click on "Subscription"3. On the top right-hand side click on "Add Subscription"4. Search for and select the product you would like

How can I add a one time item to an existing subscription?

Want to give something a try without the commitment? Luckily, you can add a one-time product to your subscription order.Here are the quick steps:1. Log into your account2. In the lefthand panel, click on "Subscription"3. On the top right-hand side cl

How do I swap/switch products?

Want to keep your subscription but swap for a new flavor or try a new product altogether? No problem. We made this simple to do.Here are the quick steps:1. Log into your account2. In the lefthand panel, click on "Subscription"3. Under the Subscriptio

How do I skip my order?

Not ready for a re-stock? We make it very easy to skip your next subscribe & save order. Skipping your order will push fulfillment back to the next interval you have chosen (ie. if you are charged every 1 month, it will push back 1 month)Here are the

Will I get a reminder email before my next shipment?

Yes, you will receive a reminder email, order confirmation, and shipping notification before your next shipment arrives. You can also log into your account anytime to view and track your upcoming shipment.

How do I update my shipping and/or billing information?

Follow these steps to updating your billing address and card information:1. Log into your account:2. In the lefthand panel, click on "Billing Information"3. To update 'Card on File' click the "Update" button and enter new information in the appropria

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged on the process date based on the frequency you chose.